Mince Pie

Well it’s Christmas so I thought now was the perfect time to see if mince pies should really be eaten with gravy.

Not just any old mince pie, but a Sainsbury’s all butter mince pie that I had bought when a little pissed the other day.  Don’t worry – I didn’t try this at my mum’s home.

There is some logic to this as pie is made out of pastry and we all know pies and pastry suit gravy perfectly.

Just some simple (cheap £1 from Iceland) Goldenfry beef granules with it – unemployed beggars cannot be choosers.

Before gravy:


After gravy:


I can confirm that mince pies should NOT be eaten with gravy.

Whilst it wasn’t inedible, it certainly was not enjoyable.  A complete ruination of a mince pie, a fine dessert destroyed.  My last mince pie sacrificed for research.  Sacrificed for you.

I regret my decision.  Do not put gravy with your mince pie.

Cheese & Potato Pie

Welcome to the inaugural post for Can I Put Gravy With That. You may know me as Roast Dinners Around Reading, or for being the guy that snorted horse tranquilizer from your girlfriend’s breasts. You do know she is a whore, don’t you?

Excuse the cheap and shabby layout of the blog. I know it looks worse than a regurgitated Wetherspoons roast dinner. I will get around to making it more appealing soon.

Right now, there are more important activities to undertake such as educating the world as to what you can and cannot eat with gravy. Think of this blog as like those putting a brick in a washing machine videos – you’ve always wondered what would happen if you put a brick in your washing machine on the spin cycle, and thanks to Youtube you can find out without having to do so yourself.

This is similar. But for gravy.

Plus I aim to expand knowledge of my literary talents from Reading to Rio, Riyadh and…Rotherham, as I do feel that I should be known as the only talented writer to ever have lived in Reading, throughout the world.

I am starting on an uncontroversial note.

Donald Trump is my hero.

No, I’m joking. Though I did recently change my Tinder profile photograph to Donald Trump. It hasn’t helped.

I am starting with cheese and potato pie. Homemade.


Just with some chicken Goldenfry granules – judge me if you want. Just because I once bought some ‘prawns’ from Iceland.


Anyway, it worked. Hardly surprising. Potato goes with gravy and so does cheese – at least if it is in a pie.

So you can put gravy on a cheese and potato pie.  Wow.  I bet your glad you spent 3 minutes reading this shite.

Don’t worry.  It’ll get more interesting.  After all, you don’t start making love by viagra-fuelled instant penetration.  Consider this a little finger, slightly up your bum.

There is much more to come.

And yes, I take requests.

Please don’t forget to share and invite people to follow me on Facebook and Twitter.  I might do special things for special numbers.